• Daa Art, launched in 2022, emerged out of our shared vision to create a platform for recent graduates, emerging artists...

    Daa Art, launched in 2022, emerged out of our shared vision to create a platform for recent graduates, emerging artists and UK based international artists, and aspires to promote critical conversations and creative exchanges between contemporary artists who will shape the future of the contemporary art world. 

    The platform was founded by a couple Sareh Javid and Alireza Rahnama (Ph.D. from Imperial College London) out of their shared goal to make inaccessible art, accessible to everyone worldwide. It is our ambition to create a platform that will become a major resource upon which artists, collectors, researchers, as well as the broader artistic community might draw in the future. Our primary goal is to bring our artists' works to the attention of the right audience. This audience spans a wide spectrum, including passionate art collectors who are seeking unique and captivating pieces to enrich their collections, as well as esteemed academicians who are interested in studying and appreciating the artistic expressions of our talented creators.

    At Daa Art, we take pride in showcasing the diverse talents of our artists through a series of exhibitions. Among these, we regularly hold several online exhibitions, private viewings, as well as two special pop-up exhibitions per year curated from artists who have previously been highlighted in our exhibitions. 

    Through our exhibitions, we aim to foster a dynamic and vibrant environment that not only promotes the art itself but also supports the artists in their journey. We believe that by facilitating these connections between artists and their audience, we can help both the creators and the appreciators of art to engage in meaningful, inspiring interactions.
    About the founders
    Sareh Javid is a researcher and art historian with research interests in the relationship between image, time and space. She received her Ph.D. from The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in 2016. She was, also, the recipient of the prestigious Kamran Djam scholarship. Her Ph.D. thesis is a theoretical analysis of Kiarostami's cinema through Deleuzian notion of time-image. Her academic articles include Towards A New Political Image: Kiarostami's Nama-ye Nazdik (Close-Up) published in Third Text.
    Sareh also has a MA degree in History of Art/Archaeology from SOAS where she studied and analysed Persian miniature through various philosophical lenses. Prior to that, she gained a PG diploma from University College London where she became familiar with 17th and 18th century Italian and French art and architecture. She also has a MA in graphic design and communication from the University for Creative Art (UCA) and a BA in visual relations from the University of Art & Architecture (Tehran, Iran).
    Alireza Rahnama is a researcher with a research interests in general intelligence and the relationship between art and science in general and between artificial intelligence and art in particular. He gained his PhD from Imperial College London in Computational Materials Science. He previously worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Warwick where he worked at the interface of statistical physics, mathematics and computer science. He authored >25 scientific papers in the field of mathematical/statistical modelling and the application of data science tools in materials science. During his Ph.D., Alireza had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists from Royal College of Art to develop new materials with desired properties that could be used for their artistic purposes.