Alice Sherlock

  • Alice Sherlock, Checks, 2022
    Alice Sherlock
    Checks, 2022
    Clay and Glaze
    21 x 7 cm
    Alice Sherlock, Checks, 2022
    £ 250.00
  • Alice Sherlock, Lucky dip, 2022
    Alice Sherlock
    Lucky dip, 2022
    Clay and glaze
    45 x 30 cm
    Alice Sherlock, Lucky dip, 2022
    £ 600.00
  • Alice Sherlock, Octo, 2022
    Alice Sherlock
    Octo, 2022
    Clay and glaze
    15 x 20 cm
    Alice Sherlock, Octo, 2022
    £ 250.00
  • Alice Sherlock, Out of Order Innit, 2022
    Alice Sherlock
    Out of Order Innit, 2022
    Acrylic and pencil on canvas
    160 x 280 cm
    Alice Sherlock, Out of Order Innit, 2022
    £ 3,500.00
In essence, my practice centers around the idea of aural verbatim storytelling, focusing on locality, the everyday, and the mundane. I take recorded familial conversations discussing childhood stories and turn them into a visual language. My work is not a literal translation of these stories but a romantised, fantasied, bittersweet look at nostalgia.
A lot of my work revolves around domestic scenes and items people are very familiar with - such as tables, chairs and fence posts. By including these items it gives the audience a way into my work and is something that they already have connections with, I think this allows them to then go deeper into the storytelling aspect of my practice. Working across disciplines such as painting, sculpture and print allows me to explore storytelling in a more nuanced way. The delicate etched line on a print engages with an almost forgotten memory whereas the thick brush mark on a canvas speaks to a more playful surreal memory that has been exaggerated and elaborated on with every retelling of the story.
I work on being playful in my practice, adding humor and not taking anything too seriously. I see my practice almost as an act of translation turning an aural story into a visual language. Once the story has been filtered through me it often becomes more ambiguous and often exaggerated as stories often do when being retold. This then extends the parameters for more surreal and uncanny elements, playing with perspective to create an imagined world. I sketch whilst listening to the recorded verbatim recording I then draw from the drawing which makes the drawing more playful. This allows me to worry less about the image being an accurate depiction.
My work isn’t an accurate reconstruction of the past, but a subjective romanticized fantasy. I often work with the same imagery using them as repeated motifs that appear in different pieces. These include a pair of heeled shoes usually attached to an abnormally long pair of legs in white
tights. A chips pan on fire on a stove top, an angel fish, footprints leading away from a section of the work. I also add a fly on a wall into most of my pieces representing the audience being a part of this imaged world I have created.

Born 1997 in Guildford, UK

Lives and works between London and Glasgow, UK



2022   Master of Letters Practice Print Media Pathway, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

2019   BA Fine Art and Theatre, Lancaster University, Lancaster



2023   Hidden Door Arts Festival, Edinburgh

            You Can Change Your Mind You Know, DUO Show, Glasgow

            It'll be Alright, The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow

2022   Replace the M8, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow

            Seamless Transitions, Glasgow Autonomous Space, Glasgow

            Postgraduate Degree Show, Stow College, Glasgow

            Slip Him a Tenner, Bell Street, Glasgow

            Strewn Taboos, Barns Garage, Glasgow

            In Transit 'Chance for Charlie' Fundraiser, Glascow

2021   Early days, Barns Garage, Glasgow

2019   Action Against Hunger, Group postmodern performance piece focusing on Objec Oriented Ontology and phonology. The Herbarium, Lancaster     

           Miscellaneous Cartographies, Bowland Drawing Space, Lancaster       

           18-25, The Herbarium, Lancaster

            Global Experiences Exhibition, Lancaster University

            H(U)MAN, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

 2016   Coordinate' LICA degree show, Lancaster

             Almost Insignificant, Lancaster        



2023   Language Tensions,The Old Hairdresser

2022   Night at the Art School, GSA Christmas card, Sofia Malanda

            Sharon, voice over, Isaac Heard           



2023   The Lancaster Award - Gold

            Shortlisted for the New Contemporaries



 2023   Sky of a Hill podcast - Valeria Nuyanzina, April

             Jiggle n Juice - Online Database of Artists, January

2022   It'll be alright - The Alchemy Experiment, November