House Visit Series No.1: Aoibhin Maguire | Mayfair London | By Appointment Only

9 March - 9 April 2024
Daa Art is pleased to announce their new exhibition format, which will take place through a series of home visits held in Mayfair. Every month, one artist is chosen to be the protagonist of the House Visit Series, giving them full focus and platform to showcase their recent works. Full details on address and available slots are shared to the visitor once in contact with one of the Daa Art team.
The first artist chosen for the House Visit Series, is Aoibhín Maguire, born in 1997, a painter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, living and working in London. She obtained her BA in Fine Art from Lancaster University and graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Painting. Maguire has exhibited in group exhibitions across the UK, Ireland, and internationally, including The Lido Stores, Barbican Arts Group Trust, Art on a Postcard, Irving Gallery, Completedworks, The Function Suite, The Tub, Hackney and Rowe Galleries. She had her first solo show at Pollen Gallery and Studios, Belfast in 2023. Recently, Maguire was a guest speaker with Artvocacy, collaborating with We Are Cognito on 'Leveraging Creative Arts for World Peace, Opportunities, and Youth Transformation.' Maguire’s painting practice explores the overlap between the actual and fictitious in our everyday lives.
Mixing vivid imagination with personal tales, she creates a visual dialogue that transcends temporal confines, drawing inspiration from memory, nostalgia, emotion, Celtic tradition and the nuanced narrative of growing up in Belfast. Through layers of bright colour, she converges commonplace worries into worlds that embrace the disorder of existence; a perpetual oscillation between emotional extremes, where fear and desperation run parallel to hope and love.
Whilst in a state of reverie, she creates mind-scapes; emotional landscapes of the past, present and future. Recurrent motifs and surrealist symbolism act as portals, transporting viewers into a realm where the tangible and the fantastical coalesce in chaos. Nostalgia, an undercurrent in the work, sparks collective memories, fostering contemplation on the complexities of identity. Whilst painting, she thinks about the rhythm of the women's monthly cycle, allowing its natural cadence to inspire her working pattern.
Drawing on a multitude of art historical, literary, poetic, and personal references, Maguire’s work abstractly reflects on the confusion surrounding Irish/Northern Irish identity, as she intertwines mythology with personal recollections. Her paintings are a testament to the tactile and visceral nature of paint, with vibrant colours and textures acting as emotional conduits, as she layers and scrapes away paint, mirroring the constant ebb and flow of the human experience.


House Visit Series No.1 will be held from the 9th of March to the 9th of April. Please reach out to or any of the gallery team for full details on location, artists, artwork and to book a slot to visit the show.

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